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Who We Are

About Kapco Group

We are a privately held shipping and storage container company located in New Jersey. As a family owned organization and not a chain or franchise; we are able to provide personalized attention to your every need. Founded with the customer in mind, we provide attractive high-quality new and used storage containers for our customers in New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Whether you are renting a container for a special project or purchasing a container to ship across the globe, we offer a personalized service to meet the demands of the individual job.

Our successful growth has been propelled by our commitment to providing high-quality storage units at competitive prices coupled with our outstanding customer service.

Containers provide a wide range of solutions for industries

Why Choose Our Services

Cost Effective

Compared to other forms of self-storage and temporary warehouse space, on-site storage is consistently cheaper.


When it’s ready to move our fully licensed units move your stored contents to the next location for off-loading or storage.

Quick And Fast Support

We are available 24/7 to help you and with good customer support