About Us

Why Choose Kapco Group

We are a privately held shipping and storage container company located in New Jersey. As a family owned organization and not a chain or franchise; we are able to provide personalized attention to your every need. Founded with the customer in mind, we provide attractive high-quality new and used storage containers for our customers in New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Whether you are renting a container for a special project or purchasing a container to ship across the globe, we offer a personalized service to meet the demands of the individual job.

Our successful growth has been propelled by our commitment to providing high-quality storage units at competitive prices coupled with our outstanding customer service.

Why Choose Our Services

The best prices, fast delivery times, availability of sea and storage containers, allow for the immediate implementation of your orders. We provide our clients with all containers available on the market.

Many years of experience

Many years of experience in the sales and rental of sea containers. It allows us to provide the best, cheapest solutions from the container industry.

Guarantee of quality

The quality of services provided is a priority for our team. In the case of delivery of a non-compliant container, we exchange the container at your own expense.

Buyers Trust us

Our customers trust our experts and support staff to deliver high quality, affordable containers when and where they need them.

Fast delivery

The implementation of each order from the very beginning is conducted in a transparent manner, each project is carried out in a mutually agreed time.

What our customers say about us

Gabriela Queudo CEO

Renting a storage container from Kapco Group was a seamless experience. The container was clean and spacious, and the customer service team was friendly and professional. I highly recommend Kapco Group for all your storage needs.

Gracie Andra Contractor

Kapco Group exceeded my expectations when I needed a shipping container for my business. Their team was responsive, knowledgeable, and helped me find the perfect container. The quality and pricing were excellent. Highly recommended.

Laura M Contractor

Kapco Group is a trustworthy and reliable storage and shipping container provider. Their team provided valuable guidance, and the container I purchased was in excellent condition. I highly recommend Kapco Group to anyone in need of storage or shipping containers.